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144 2018-03-31 12:09:24 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/basico/ Temporary commit  
142 2018-03-29 23:40:03 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/basico/ 2018.03.29 BR-0.3

* [WRK], import JSON/Launchpad use now Visor
Still fixing some glitches but it works

* [ADD] method to generate a package from a list of SAP

* [ADD] Added module creating a custom Statusbar to support
markup text

* [FIX] Statusbar added to main window

* [WRK] using new Statusbar widget to pass messages to GUI

* [FIX] Change description for import actions

* [WRK] amazing flowbox performance by using caches
Still in development.
TODO: - reset cache after CRUD operations
- add to cache to widgets dict
* [WRK] Using SAPNoteViewVisor for all operations. Getting rid of
notebook widget