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233 2018-12-29 20:35:03 t00m /branches/BR-0.3/ Basico split in several packages  
150 2018-10-28 02:58:30 t00m /branches/BR-0.3/ Added LogViewer widget. Reworking the way SAP Notes are downloaded and handled.  
141 2018-03-28 16:23:22 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/basico/ 2018.03.28 BR-0.3

* [FIX] Import JSON/Launchpad use now Visor

* [WRK] amazing flowbox performance by using caches
Still in development.
TODO: - reset cache after CRUD operations
- add to cache to widgets dict
* [WRK] Using SAPNoteViewVisor for all operations. Getting rid of
notebook widget
134 2018-03-25 01:45:03 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/basico/ 2018.03.25 BR-0.3

* clean source code of unnecessary comments
* [FIX] improving flowbox performance by using
unicode characters instead images
* [WRK], still fixing logs weird behaviour
133 2018-03-24 21:02:48 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/ 2018.03.24 BR-0.3

* clean source code of unnecessary comments
126 2018-01-28 22:49:32 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/ 2018.01.27 BR-0.3

* [FIX] Fixed Glade file by erasing a reference to a non-existent icon
* [DEL] Plugin module disabled by now
* [CHG] settings switchs to JSON format
80 2017-07-26 01:21:46 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/basico/ 2017.07.23 BR-0.3
* [UPD] basico.ui: UI reworked
* [UPD], updated modules
* [WRK] Apply button in settings doesn't work, check trunk branch
* [WRK] Show checkboxes for all nodes in sapnoteview. This allows
select all notes belonguing to a group.
* [FIX] increased timeout while download
* [ADD] new module to show a dashboard

2017.07.26 BR-0.3
* [WRK] new method: Return a set of
sapnotes which matches with an specific key/value
* [WRK] updated several methods to accomplish the task
of toggling specific sap notes rows. Needs polishing.
* [WRK] Designing in progress for new Basico dashboard: an useful
place to get an overview of your knowledge database
75 2017-06-23 19:25:06 t00mlabs /branches/BR-0.3/ Creating release branch 0.3  
74 2017-06-04 02:28:14 t00mlabs /trunk/ Merged 0.2-dev branch into trunk  
4 2016-05-30 00:28:09 t00mlabs /trunk/ Hello world! Basico 0.1 released