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# Basico
**SAP Notes Manager for SAP Consultants**

## Description
The main aim for this application is allow you to download the SAP Notes
you are interested in, categorize them by tasks in order to have them at
hand whenever you want and find them quickly.

## Features
* Download SAP Notes
* Import SAP Notes from other people
* Export SAP Notes to: plain text, CSV and, JSON format (useful if you
  want to share your SAP Notes)
* Bookmark those SAP Notes really interesting.
* Browse SAP Notes in Launchpad

## Installation
Please, follow the [instructions]( from this page

## Authors
Tomás Vírseda <>

## Contributors
Many thanks to the following people, who have kindly help in this project:

* Iliya Kuznetsov: ideas to deal with OData protocol and other useful info to start this project